Academic Programs


Please consider contributing information about your academic program. We also look forward to building our repository of syllabi with your help.

Academic Programs

Environment and Culture Concentration at The University of Vermont's Environmental Program
  • Within this concentration, students may choose courses that focus on the creative arts such as writing, studio art, or media
    applications; explorations in environmental ethics, religion, and philosophy; or environmental education, advocacy,
    and activism.

Films Studies and Built & Natural Environments, The University of Manchester
  • Combined Studies offers you a degree which allows you to study course units from Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and some Sciences

Visual and Environmental Studies, Harvard University
  • Visual and Environmental Studies (VES) is the curricular home of studio arts, photography, filmmaking, film studies, environmental studies, video art and performance, and critical theory. The department is unique in the way it fosters dialogue among makers, critics, and theorists. Its faculty comprises individuals working and teaching in all of these modes.

M.F.A in Science and Natural History Film Making at Montana State University
  • The program's mission is to provide new generations of filmmakers with formal education and experience in science, engineering, or technology who have the knowledge to create accurate and interesting programs that advance the public understanding of science.

Visual Culture at UW-Madison
  • Interdisciplinary programs at M.A and Ph.D level that encourage various foci of study that encourage collaboration between arts, humanities, social sciences and sciences

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The diversity of angles of engagement with ecomedia can be gauged from the variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary ways the subject is taught. We hope that the following teaching syllabi will be useful tools to those interested in the pedagogy of Ecomedia Studies. Please consider contributing your own syllabi for others to adapt for their teaching purposes.

Undergraduate Courses

Stephen Rust. English Department. University of Oregon

The Culture of Nature: Advanced Seminar in Cultural Studies of Nature, Environment, & Ecology.
Adrian Ivakhiv. Environmental Program. University of Vermont.

Gregg Mitman, Judith Helfand, and Sarita Seigel, Environmental Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Adrian Ivakhiv. Environmental Program. University of Vermont

Salma Monani. Environmental Studies. Gettysburg College

Gregg Mitman and Judith Helfand, Environmental Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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